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my hand slipped… I couldn’t help it, I’m so sorry

Based on this post [X]

I always found that, since the Disney Ducks are rounded characters and have done and said so many things in their comics (Scrooge in particular), they’re the only Disney Toons of the Main Cast that are a little more… uh, aware of the way society works and the little inuendos that story people at Disney or animators slip in.

And Scrooge gets a kick out of how many slip by Mickey

Well I’d just like to say firstly I just LOVE Decembersville. Grate story,grate art, Killer author. 

A few months back I made a few Oc’s for the story and never got around to finishing them.

Well I got around to her.

This is Spark-Plug-, she came to Decembersville when she was six but was chucked in the Chopping place shortly after. The nightstalker mayor couldn’t ignore they way electricity seemed to react to her, making the usual dim lights, spark to life filling any room she went in with blindingly bright light  .

She was found at 20 wondering the forest, by Timber (my other Oc) . He being the little sweet heart he is brought her home with him, only to find out she was a amplifier. She gave her the nickname Spark Plug as she had no idea what her name was. 

She now lives in the back room of Timber’s tailor shop, in a room with out windows. \ ^u ^/ shes never been happier. 

I could put more :P but Meh if you’d like more info feel free to ask. I dont bite.

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